Our Pilates Instructors



Alissa stein

As a highly qualified Pilates instructor with over 15 years teaching experience, Alissa brings a heartfelt, and genuine sense of caring to her teaching along with a cheerful and upbeat personality. Her goal is to educate her clients with a deeper understanding of alignment and use of breath to help them gain greater access to their physical well being. Her belief that knowledge, common sense and personal responsibility are important to achieving and maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being is evident in her down-to-earth, humorous, and sometimes unconventional teaching style.

Certification: Power Pilates
Specialties: Dealing with injuries and illness, Alignment and Breath, Movement Education, and Whole Body Conditioning.
Philosophy: The Body has remarkable intelligence. When it receives what it needs, wonderful things happen.



Delphine bLUE

Delphine Blue majored in Theater Dance at Skidmore College but ended up with a lengthy radio career. She took her first Pilates class in 2004 and eight years later Delphine completed a 500 hour certification in classical Pilates.

She sees the Pilates method as a challenging but safe way to improve core stability, postural alignment, circulation, and balance while toning and lengthening musculature. Her goal is to provide clients with a Pilates ‘aha’ moment.

Delphine loves to teach on various apparatus including the reformer, tower, cadillac. jumpboard, and wundachair.

Certification: Core Pilates NYC
Specialties: Modifying for injuries
Philosophy: Following Joseph Pilates’ quote, ‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you’re old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you’re young.’



Mary Foster

Mary has a background in ballet, which she has studied for over 30 years. She has also studied modern dance, yoga and Argentine tango. At Elite Body Pilates Mary teaches private and group Tower, Reformer and Mat classes. She is also certified as a Prenatal Pilates teacher and very much enjoys working with pregnant women.

Certification: Certification from The Kane School of Core Integration, New York
Teaching Style: Stressing and carefully explaining the core principals of Pilates and then building up her client’s strength to go on to more advanced work.




Michael Gielow

Hailing from Miami, Fl - Michael has been dancing his entire life with the top names in the dance industry. Michael had been injured in a car accident and attributes Pilates to his ability to dance again. He discovered Pilates and after a mat class he was hooked. He began his training at the Movement Studio in Oxford Fl and fell in love with the detailed, efficient, and effective modality that is Pilates. Michael is a third generation classically-trained Pilates instructor, his lineage traces from Lolita San Miguel who was trained by Joseph Pilates. A strong believer in the classical method, Michael was graced with an incredible training program exposing him to a variety of methods and variations which he loves to share. Growing up in a retirement town he initially worked with a retired population, learning how to modify for different aliments and help improve their quality of life. At the same time he was training his brother, an elite level football player and his friends where Michael learned how to train elite athletes and help them improve their game. He is best known by his pure passion for Pilates, knowledge of the method, and attentiveness to the body in front of him.

Certification: Generationally Trained Via Lolita San Miguel, Fl

Specialties: Athletes, Retirees, Mobility

Teaching Style: Following the classical way of Joseph Pilates utilizing other modern exercises, always pushing his clients to get to the next level of their fitness.



Andrea davila

Andrea is a classically trained Instructor with a modern twist. Her main focus is form in all her sessions. When working with Andrea she will take the time to make sure you have the proper form from beginning to the end of your session. She will be challenging you the whole time with small movements that focus on deep muscles that are often missed during other workout regiments. Andrea takes the time to gear every session to her clients needs. You will find yourself getting stronger and moving more efficiently after working with her.

Certifcation:  Core Pilates NYC

Teaching Style: Specializes in working with Pre and Post Natal, older population, and assisting people who have injuries or are reviving from a recent injury.